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Sustainable printer pouches
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BoxSmart is a very unique service that started from a group of frustrated brand owners that couldn't get access to awesome printing of their boxes or pouches.


We had to buy generic packaging and put stickers on them. Whilst the larger brands get the luxury of the best quality packaging - all because they can purchase the ridiculuous volumes and low pricing.


So we built BoxSmart.

We created a service to get the smaller brands to team up! To share the resources and save money. We have over 23 printers on our books and specialise in Boxes and Sustainable Kraft Pouches too!


We team together small brands (with similar pouches and/or boxes) that wish to save on their :

  • pricing

  • packaging / volumes

  • free tooling

printed polypouches and swisspack pouches low cost packaging

Joining is as easy as thinking out the box! BoxSmart aims to be a 'Co-operative' somewhat.


So we offer people to sign up free at this stage. The more brands that join the more we can help one another to save money and volumes.

 Special window? Why not!

Subsidised Packaging/Pouch Design

It's usually £1000's for a decent box design from those 'Soho Design Agencies'. BoxSmart is proud to have three agencies that offer subsidised rates.


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BoxSmart - printing litho boxes together with brands..

Print with our community of brand owners and find availability and whether we can find you a slot in our upcoming print run to save you on volumes and costs!

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Low volume Kraft pouch printing

Low volume Pouch printing


Thanks to six Rotogravure printers we print the best full-colour pouches (any type) we offer the lowest volumes in Europe (just 10,000 of each type and we can even ship monthly over a year!