How the Community started...

Back in 2012, during the conception of a luxury fashion label, the founder and CEO of Berlusi experienced a number of issues when he needed luxury boxes and pouches for his range. No litho printer, that gave the best packaging to the largest brands really cared for the initial stages of a his brand's journey. 


They either were too expensive to make, had ridiculous volumes (of which had to be stored too, so costing more overall) or were digital. This made his pouches/boxes inferior to the larger brands at a time when he needed to compete with them! 


This all came at a time when a brand needed low volumes, low pricing and no tooling costs.

Since then over 63 brands have now clubbed together to negotiate much better rates for a whole host of pouches and boxes.

Our Aim
bespoke box design and printing small brands low volume no tooling costs

BoxSmart aims to fill that void and reach out to all existing and new brands looking to explore a better way to get their luxury packaging printed by teaming up with the other brands in our organisation and helping each other to get better offers on our current, or new, luxury boxes!