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A unique Box/Pouch print service that bring communities of small brand owners TOGETHER to print & save on their fully branded packaging

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How the Community started...

Back in 2012, during the conception of a luxury fashion label, the founder and CEO of of his own brand experienced a number of issues when he needed luxury boxes and pouches for his small, branded range.


No litho printer  would help him as he was far too small - so they would either be too expensive to make or had ridiculous volumes. So his boxes were below par on the shelves.

Even with his pouches, he was stuck with shoddy ones with stickers; which do not look good on the shelf or to customers and are not good news for the environment either.

To compete with the larger brands he needed low pricing and no tooling cost but also needed access to full colour Rotogravure pouch print technology.

This made his brand inferior to the larger brands at a time when he needed to compete with the larger brands the most on the shelves.

This all came at a time when his brand needed low volumes, low pricing and no tooling costs - with access to those great Box Litho printers and Rotogravure Pouch printers.

So BoxSmart and PouchSmart were born - a place to go to where you can team up with other brands and get access to lower volumes and pricing for your dream packaging!

But how does it work? Well part of that is obviously a secret but it really comes down to 8 years of hard negotiating with over 28 printers Worldwide to give us 'print slots' that are otherwise empty in their print calendars. 

Since then over 63 brands have now clubbed together to negotiate much better rates for a whole host of pouches and boxes, by applying for a slot and getting a quote with us.

Joining is as easy as thinking outside the box! BoxSmart is a 'Co-operative' somewhat.


So we offer people to sign up free at this stage. The more brands that join the more we can help one another to save money and volumes.

All you need to do is show us your packaging or indeed the type you have always wanted for your brand - and we get to work to see if we can get you a print slot! 


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 Special window? Why not!

PouchSmart - Recyclable Kraft, full colour pouch printing - low volumes and fair costs


Thanks to six Rotogravure printers we print the best full-colour Kraft, Recyclable pouches (any type) we offer the lowest volumes in Europe (just 10,000 of each type) and we can even ship monthly over a year!

BoxSmart - Litho printed, bespoke boxes at low volume and costs

Join our community of brand owners and we'll find you a slot in our upcoming print run to save you on volumes and costs!

Click here to get a quote and availability

Low volume Kraft pouch printing

DesignSmart Subsidised Packaging/Pouch Design for small brands

It's usually £1000's for a decent box design from those 'Soho Design Agencies'. BoxSmart is proud to have three agencies that offer subsidised rates.


Click here to see if we have any design slots left this month

BoxSmart offers free tooling on any box
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