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Calling all packaging designers.. Work with us

Want to team up?

The days of when a packaging designer would send a box or pouch they had designed to a local printer and just getting a pat on the back - are over.. Thanks to the BoxSmart 'Share and Care' membership for all UK designers

All BoxSmart printers welcome packaging designers who refer their clients Pouches/Boxes to BoxSmart by now offering a cash incentive of upto £1,000 a client.

BoxSmart believes in rewarding designers that use us for their client's packaging. We even place you on our own 'Preferred Suppliers' for when our clients equally need packaging design, giving you incoming business as well.


BoxSmart to offer 10 Design Agencies FREE MEMBERSHIP

Since this has only just been launched, we are offering the first ten that are approved for membership to be on our suppliers list for FREE.

How can I apply to see if we are eligible?

Applying is easy. You have two options: You either click on this button and email you an application form. Alternatively you can fill the below form and we can process your application in two days!