Some of the clients we made great litho boxes for!


Whether it be a chocolate box, a jewellery box, watch box or a luxury product, BoxSmart is working with many fantastic boxes that we can help you recreate at a much lower rate.


BoxSmart deals with branded as one of the specialist areas. We help brands that want to upgrade their Kraft pouches to incorporate printed branding on them at the same costs of their inferior stickers as labels.


Subscription companies team up with BoxSmart to get access to better subscription boxes and much better volumes and pricing. 


Our core aim is to reduce the cumulative costings: 

Labour costs for sticker labels by consolidating it with litho printing, inside and outside the box.


Looking at the sizes and perfecting them for postage costs.


Increasing the box thickness, whilst keeping all pricing lower.


BoxSmart deals with the actual Litho printers that print the best boxes in the World, at a quality that is the choice of brands like: Calvin Klein, Dior and many more.


We currently have a bank of eight packaging designers, paper engineers and brand designers that are waiting to help - at subsidised pricing.


Not only that - we can help with the printing too!